Canadian Mental Health Association Nova Scotia Division

The Canadian Mental Health Association Nova Scotia Division acts as the liaison for all SEAK Project activities while providing leadership to stakeholders and partners. As SEAK partnerships continue to develop, and new ones arise, stakeholders will collaborate to promote social and emotional learning in communities across Canada. 

CMHA's Values

The Canadian Mental Health Association Nova Scotia Division believes in:

       • Social justice
       • Individual and collective responsibility
       • Access to appropriate, adequate resources and supports
       • Self-determination
       • Community integration of persons with disabilities

About CMHA

The goals of the SEAK are strongly aligned with the CMHA’s vision: Mentally Healthy People in a Healthy Society. Using a population health and health promotion approach, and a proven curriculum, SEAK aims to strengthen our children’s mental health throughout their lifetime. For more information on the services and programs CMHA NS provides please visit

Services and Programs CMHA NS Provides:

Resource Center and 1-800 Support Line

CMHA NS Division is a resource hub, acting as the Nova Scotia mental health resource and referral center. CMHA NS Division provides support and connects people to mental health services and programs in the province.

Education and Training

CMHA NS Division offers preventions, interventions, postvention, and education tools. CMHA NS Division provides programs such as Workplace Mental Health presentations, Mental Health First Aid, SafeTALK, ASIST, Connect Postvention workshops, Changing Minds, Mental Health Works, Anti-Stigma workshops.

Socially and Emotionally Aware Kids (SEAK) Project

SEAK is a four-year project of the Canadian Mental Health Association Nova Scotia Division (CMHA NS) funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) through the innovation strategy. Presently in its third phase, the SEAK Project is focusing on scaling up social and emotional learning programs in Atlantic Canada in two ways: 1) mobilizing provincial and regional partners to institutionalized social and emotional learning in schools; and 2) working with school boards and selected schools to implement a chosen social and emotional learning school curriculum. 

Communities Addressing Suicide Together (CAST)

With funding support from the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness (NSDHW), CAST is building province-wide knowledge of the issues of suicide while providing tools  to better equip communities to address suicide using a health promotion approach. CAST provides evidence-based training in prevention, intervention, and postvention to ensure key stakeholders have the tools to support those affected by suicide.

For more information on CMHA programs and services visit

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