The SEAK Project, Phase III, is a 3 year project of the CMHA NS. SEAK is working to develop and expand social and emotional learning (SEL) in Atlantic Canada » LEARN MORE »

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Social & Emotional Learning Symposium May, 2019

Framework for SEL Symposium 2019

PanCanadian Symposium Program Overview

Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) is the process of learning the fundamental skills needed to succeed in life and a way to maintain and improve positive mental health. 

SEL has been proven to help children develop the necessary skills to:

  • Better identify emotions

  • Develop healthy relationships

  • Make good decisions

  • Behave both ethically and responsibly

  • Decrease aggressive behaviour


Phase III Research

  • SEL has direct benefits for academic achievement, readiness, engagement, motivation, and adjustment of students. SEL impacts the school climate and enhances relationships school-wide, with a whole-school approach to SEL positively impacting student wellness » LEARN MORE

  • The OECD has proposed assessment criteria for the measurement of global competence in the 2018 PISA tests. This includes assessing empathy and attitudes around openness, respect, global-mindedness, and responsibility of students. Fostering these social and emotional skills is the foundation of SEL. » LEARN MORE