Phase III Research

SEAK Phase III Research

SEAK, through the CMHA NS and the AREKT, continues its collective work across Atlantic Canada around:

  • Leadership for scale-up and policy
  • Knowledge sharing and mobilization
  • Capacity development
  • SEL implementation in pilot sites
  • Research & Evaluation

The research and evaluation component of SEAK Phase III is focused on understanding the processes and experiences of scale-up – both horizontal and vertical. We want to better understand how scale-up takes place: what resources and supports (funds, people, etc.) facilitate scale-up and what are the barriers or challenges to scale-up.

  • For vertical scale-up, we’re interested in how each province works to integrate and institutionalize SEL, what sustainability issues are faced and how they are addressed, and how the regional approach supports vertical scale-up?
  • For horizontal scale-up, we’re interested in how SEL is integrated into a whole school approach?

The AREKT team are collecting various data from regional and provincial stakeholders and in pilot schools across Atlantic Canada. See Figure below...

How are we evaluating scale-up? Follow the links for more information on Vertical and Horizontal Scale-up and our Data Collection processes.