Phase III Research

SEAK Phase III Research

AREKT Phase III research is evaluating the processes of SEL scale-up both vertically (institutional sustainability) and horizontally (implementation in schools). We’re asking…

  • How does scale-up take place? What supports and/or blocks it? What are the challenges?
  • In what ways are school boards and governments working to incorporate and institutionalize SEL? Are these approaches sustainable?
  • Is SEL being integrated into a whole school approach? What are the impacts on students, teachers, and the school climate?

What is scale-up?

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), scale-up is increasing “the reach and impact of successful interventions to benefit more people and to foster sustainable policy and program development” (PHAC, 2016). This involves integrating SEL into existing systems and policies, seeking new opportunities, and capitalizing on partnerships, to ensure SEL becomes part of how we do business.

What does SEAK hope to achieve?

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is integral to the educational achievement, health and well being of all children, youth, and adults. Upon the completion of a successful scale-up of SEL in Atlantic Canada, schools and communities will be able to demonstrate effective social and emotional skills, and schools will have created positive, engaging, safe and caring learning environments. Through our work, there will be a shared commitment among the four Atlantic Provinces to integrating and sustaining SEL in Atlantic Canada.

SEAK, through the CMHA NS and the AREKT, continues its collective work across Atlantic Canada around:

  • Leadership for scale-up and policy
  • Knowledge sharing and mobilization
  • Capacity development
  • SEL implementation in pilot sites
  • Research & Evaluation

To evaluate scale-up in Atlantic Canada, the AREKT team, are collecting various data from regional and provincial stakeholders and in pilot schools across Atlantic Canada.

How are we evaluating scale-up? Follow the links for more information on Vertical and Horizontal Scale-up and our Data Collection processes.


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